Graphic Design

Strong Image offers full-service capabilities from design through production to corporate and professional business clients throughout the United States. Our graphic design services encompass all aspects of graphic design and print advertising from logo design to collateral, from point-of-sale to package design, to scale artwork for truck fleets and billboards. Our level of expertise, range of equipment and professionalism is what makes us the company we are today. Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients and produce work that best represents their business. Because we offer a wide range of services, we are confident we can help your business grow.


At Strong Image, we understand that the project doesn’t end with completion of the design phase. That’s why we offer a full range of printing capabilities to our clients and we don’t stop there. In addition, we are fully equipped to handle any display needs, shipping and fulfillment.

We operate the latest equipment which means we provide the finest output available, indoor or outdoor. We take pride in being experts in our field so our clients don’t have to be. Our goal is to see every project, large or small, from beginning to end.

Custom Signage

Signage, whether it’s interior or exterior, is essential in assisting to identify your business or product. Most businesses, regardless of size, depend on signs and use signage as the primary form of advertising for their business.

At Strong Image, we design and fabricate custom signage for our clients, helping them to make their business or products more visible. We can produce your sign from a variety of materials and work with you to identify your signage needs.